My husband cheated on me with my sister and friend but I won’t leave him


After three years in a marriage, a wife discovered that her husband had been cheating with her sister and worse impregnated the girl twice.

The wife told her real life story during the Thursday morning conversation on Classic 105, where Maina asked wives how they deal with the embarrassment in public or at family gatherings. He asked

“So I want to know, you walk into any gathering and everyone knows your husband is like. How do you maintain your dignity? How do you keep your chin up> You walk into the office and everyone knows about your husband but you have to be professional. How do you do it?”

The woman described her humiliation in her story below

“My husband cheated with  my sister. Apparently she aborted two of his pregnancies, but for the second one she didn’t have the money so she asked one of my aunts and they all knew. Everyone knew what was going on behind my back, but I had no idea and I was living with her since she was six after our parents separation. My sister has been living with me in my house, my family knew, my in laws knew about everything and no one could tell me what was going on”


“So you can imagine when I found out all this happened we had a disagreement and I moved out to live with my friend, but eventually moved back again to my marital home. While I was away from my marital home my husband went hitting on the friend who was hosting me, the person I  went to to comfort me. I used to go to family gatherings and people were looking at me with sympathy, and I’m here with my friend she had sent me screenshots of their moments, after I returned to my marital home. You can imagine you visit public places you hear people discuss you that you are so pretty and they are wondering what he was looking for  out there. I am still with him, and I know he will cheat again but at some point in marriage you invest too much, ok this is my second marriage and in the first I didn’t invest like this so I can’t afford to leave him juu ya ujinga yake, and it there’s no angel out there it happens in all marriages.”

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