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My husband and I have blocked each other on Whatsapp

Feuding couples do the most to each other in anger.

A Kenyan couple has blocked each other on whatsapp. They have not taken a small break from each other, noooo, it’s permanent.

The wife disclosed the intimate details on Classic 105 where she claimed that they have a strained relationship.

She flew off the handle at his behaviour and has no regrets about blocking him.


What triggered this drama? She blames it all on not posting each other on social media.

We have blocked each other on whatsapp, he doesn’t even have one picture of mine and next year we are marking 8 years of marriage, he has never taken a picture of me, we have never taken a picture together on his phone? It hurts but unazoea tuu, unajibamba tuu na watoto wako

Dear Classic 105 fam, what are some out of this world things you have heard about couples. Drop your comments below.

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