‘My husband and I both cheated,’ Njambi reveals

The Real Househelps of Kawangware actress Njambi says she broke up with her baby daddy because they were young and stupid.

“We both messed up in the relationship as we were young and stupid and we didn’t have the strength to fight for us,” she told Word Is on Friday.

Njambi said they were in their early twenties and enjoying their youth. They cheated on each other and fought a lot, eventually breaking up. Three years later, they are good friends and are co-parenting.

The mother of one, who is also a lawyer by profession, says she always wanted to be on TV growing up and that is why she quit her career to major in acting.

“I remember in high school I used to tell everyone that one day I’ll be on TV… I didn’t know how but I was so certain that was my path,” she said.

Her breakthrough was in Hapa Kule News (a local comedy show).

She is passionate about acting but says she hates the attention that comes with it because she is shy.

Speaking about her four-year-old daughter, who also features in the show, Njambi said, “She’s the best thing that has happened to me. She is amazingly smart and mature for her age. She’s the one on the show, acting with her was fun she was very cooperative.”

Asked if she would want her to be an actress, Njambi said, “I’ll support her in anything she wants to do. She always wakes up with a new idea. Sometimes she wakes up wanting to be a footballer mara she wants to skate…She loves exploring but I’ll be the type of parent who will support my kid’s dream.”

Njambi has been fighting depression since she broke up with her baby daddy. At some point she became suicidal.

“At first I thought I was being stubborn. I thought I had anger issues because I used to fight a lot. I was always suicidal coz every time I got into a fight with my mom, I would take a knife and threaten them that I will kill myself,” she said.

Njambi also hated God with a passion.

Now every time she is down, her daughter encourages her to pray and sing her favourite song.

“I am actually good but I lost my best friends because of depression,” she said.

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