‘My girlfriend turned down my proposal and I proposed to her friend, did I do anything wrong?’ poses city man

A man has left many wagging tongues after he proposed to a woman he had a one night stand with.

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According to this man, he was ready to settle down with his girlfriend but when he proposed to her, she turned him down. The man says he had no option but proposed to his girlfriend’s best friend whom he had a one night stand with.

“Yesterday night I took my fiancee out with the intention of proposing to her, I secretly hinted some of her friends and mine too to witness it and made them swear they will never tell her. After eating and drinking I went down on my knees, brought out the ring, held her finger and posed the question (will you marry me?) expecting outright acceptance without delay. She quickly withdrew her hand and ran away. All our friends were persuading her to come back and accept the ring but she didn’t. Instead, she picked her handbag and left. All efforts to understand her reason were fruitless. Everyone persuaded me to let her go.I was so ashamed and lost my self-esteem,” he wrote in part.

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He says the girlfriend went when his girlfriend found out, she went to harass her friend calling her a husband snatcher. She is begging him to take her back and he’s confused on what to do.
“Luckily there is this her friend that came to witness it too. One of the days my ex-fiancee wasn’t around we slept together and she was sweet and wife material too. She was dying to have me as hubby, so I decided to give her the ring and immediately she accepted. On getting to know this my ex-fiancee went to her house this morning fighting her and calling her husband snatcher. Since yesterday she has been begging me to forgive her action that she didn’t know what came over her last night. That she expected me to give her some more time to make up her mind instead of proposing to another woman immediately. But it was her actions which made me retaliate that way. Now I don’t know whether to retrieve the ring from the new lady I proposed to who has accepted me wholeheartedly or maintain status quo that leaves the ring with her as proceed with marriage plans.”

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