My girl left me for another man she now wants me back, do I accept?

Women have been termed deceptive, manipulative and cunning for the different tricks they play on men but some go to the extreme hurting men in the process.

A city man was caught in a dilemma after the woman he was in a relationship with left him and got married to someone else only to come back and claim that she still wants him back.

The heartbroken man did not know what to do for the mere fact that he still loves the woman, despite the fact that she betrayed him. He reached out to people asking for help on to how best handle the situation.

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Here is his narration

“I need your advice, I have a girlfriend I love so much that I always try my best to make her happy. Suddenly she got married to another guy with unclear excuses. I feel very disappointed and is not just easy for me because i have build my love and hope in her.

Bride and her grooms enjoying a photo session
Bride and her grooms enjoying a photo session

 She told me she need to move on. But issue now is that she start calling just less than 2 weeks after she married. She called me as soon as the husband left the house in the morning. She couldn’t move on. Please advise me on what to do. I still love her. “

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Social media users reached out to him and gave him sombre advice which comes as a surprise since most of them are known for being abusive and hateful.

They wrote

nelgenius…She is married and you are single, allow her to carry the cross in her marriage. If she has a reason to marry, she should also have a reason to stay in the marriage.

gencuzzy…I so dislike people like this woman. She is trying to play smart…maybe cos you were not ready for marriage and the other was, so she took her chances, went with the other one, of course she must have known the kinda work the other one is doing, so there will be opportunity to do What she likes like she is doing right now…Mr. Man, leave her alone, she is married now

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top_ebooks…Shes someones wife now…. Dont make d mistake of allowing her into ur life again… If not u ll jus become her puppet. Someone shell use and dump anytime she wills. No one forced her into dat marriage. She made her decision… Let her deal with it…. Move on bros………..

officialhairboss…Free yourself from mental slavery please !!! She can’t eat her cake and have it at the same time , no way !!! the best revenge is to move on and trust me you will

walk_tofame…My brother pick up your slippers, dust it,fold your trousers, bend ya neck… oya runnnn. *She be somebody baby ohhh* in rude boy Paul Okoye’s voice

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