‘My girl ends up in bed with men she greets. Do I dump her?’ Cries city man

As Kenyans are busy figuring out how Harambee Stars will beat Senegal in the upcoming AFCON games a man is dying of jealousy over his girlfriend’s infidelity.

Ken says that his bae loves greeting men but his worry is that she somehow ends up in bed with these men and it is driving him crazy.

I have this girl I want to marry but she greets too much, she can greet same person 7 times if she passes 7 times and many times she ends up in bed with them .

She is this innocent soft girl who likes prayers and she loves God because she is into church so she does not know how to say No to people and they just keep using her.

She will be the one to come and tell me that she just slept with the man she greeted few weeks ago .


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Ken adds that he is bothered on why men find the constant greetings from his girlfriend appealing

I don’t know if the men see the constant greeting as a turn on because she is beautiful.
Do you think she can be a wife or I should just discharge her. Ever since I met her she has slept with over 4 men that she greeted and I do not know how many more.

Please advise.

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