‘My friends wife cheated and the baby came looking exactly like the neighbor’ ( Audio)

Men are known to be egocentric, that’s undeniable during the Morning Show on Classic 105, most confessed that they would NEVER forgive their cheating wives.

More often than not women forgive men who constantly use the excuse ‘ tuliumbwa hivo’ to cover up their infidelity.

Here is what the listeners had to say on the topic ‘Men, would you forgive your women if they cheated on you?

“I know of a neighbor whose wife cheated on him and got pregnant, but he forgive her and they are happy. Forgive and forget.”

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Another says

“Women cheat as revenge men don’t they share love, so when a woman cheats and you forgive her she will do it again and again.”

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Things get a little juicy after a man confesses that his neighbor was a victim of such, he says

“I know of a person whose wife cheated with the neighbor  and got pregnant.

The kid came looking like a photo copy of the neighbor.

Personally I would go to Bahrain or Qatar because I would need a lifetime to recover. Such things make me extra emotional.

Today if I had a feeling that my wife is cheating or even catch her red handed that would be the end of us.

I don’t have that part of forgiving. A woman who has many men is just a prostitute.”

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Another adds

“I can forgive every other sins but cheating is too much, I would show her the door but not before embarrassing her and exposing her to her follies.

I would do this without being childish.”

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