‘My friend gambled Sh700,000 meant for the church’ Shocked city man narrates

Betting is always frowned upon but for some Kenyans this has been a saving grace given that it has enabled them build houses,pay school fees and even rent.

One man shared his experience with Maina Kageni sharing that he has won more than 1 million on different occasions. To him betting is a necessary evil.

Maina please don’t talk ill about betting because it has enabled me. I have won 700,000, 400,000 and on a different occasion I won 150,000.

What I do is that I do not bet around my wife Whenever she starts talking about how people who bet are idlers I strongly support her.

‘My friend makes 100K per month from betting,I am so envious’ City Man

If only she new I am a betting fan hangeongea. You bet when you are alone ama with the boys.

When I play and lose I just persevere given that its a phase which will come to pass.

Another adds

Maina gambling is not a very good idea. A man I know used money from his wife’s account nearing 700,000. He took it in two bits.

Sadly pesa ilikua ya kanisa so the wife had to ask for a loan so that she could pay back the church.

Soon after the deductions started coming and she had no salary to her name. In the end they could not even afford to pay rent and the husband was less bothered about it.


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