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‘My fiancée flirted with a male friend at a wedding, today they are married with one kid mimi bado niko kwa mataa’ Cries city man (Audio)

Does love at first sight really exist? Men do not believe it does but women do and that was proven during a candid debate on Classic 105.

Mwalimu Kingangi could not wrap his head around a confession by this woman who said that

“There are guys you just meet and they sweep you off your feet and you can’t help it. Sometimes the feeling is so intense and you end up carrying the whole thing into your house or even your bedroom.

Kitu kama ni poa ni poa, huwezi zuia it’s so natural. Umecheki msee amekubamba and by the way the feeling is so good

Reasons why Vera may be desperate after being dumped by Otile Brown


Here is what listeners had to say

“Even on the dance floor I will out my number without his knowledge and I will continue bending over we do it a way he would not notice.”

Another adds

“We had gone to a wedding with my fiancé then. We sat down and a guy passed before us alongside his girlfriend. He looked at me and I looked at him and we both smiled, it was an instant connection.

My fiancé was clueless he did not notice anything, the guy then called the waiter who came to our table in the pretense of taking our order and gave me the phone number.

black woman flirt

Exposed here is the information Vera has leaked about Otile Brown’s bedroom skills

Fast forward we later contacted each other and we are still dating three years later. He is the best and God willing we are getting married next year.

I left my then fiancé and he left his.”

Just when you think the drama is over another says

“My fiancée engaged with a  male friend at a wedding and exchanged contacts ,today they are married with one kid. Mimi bado niko kwa mataa.”

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