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‘My ex of 6 years calls me daily yet he is married, It’s a nightmare’ (Audio)

Some people don’t easily accept being dumped, and become stalkers, harassing exes through emails and messages.

During the Morning show on Classic 105, a woman confessed how her ex has refused to let her be despite the fact that she is married.

“My ex keeps following me up to now and I am married. I can’t change my number because of him. I have told him to stop calling me. It’s just that my husband understands other wise it would be trouble.

Whenever I tell him to stop calling me but he keeps calling and texting that ‘He wants me back and he still loves me, adding that he doesn’t care whether I am married.

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My husband once picked the phone not realizing that it was my ex. On realizing that it was my hubby, the ex went on to lie that me and him were still seeing each other.

He even lied to my hubby that he did not know I was married luckily for me I explained myself and my hubby understood.”

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Another woman says

“I had been married from 2010 to 2016 and for all those 6 years I gave up and left my man given that I had given him so may chances to change and he did not.

He calls each and every day, I do not know what he wants.

I am ok without him. I do not need him but he calls me each and everyday despite the fact that he is married.

Men should learn to let go after we are done with them.”

Here’s more of the discussion in the audio below;

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