My ex lied he slept in a matatu from 7pm to 4am to hide an affair

Can I just begin by saying OUCH!! Is this man even serious?

Today on the morning conversation with #MainandKingangi, responses to the lies men tell were flying in pretty fast.

A city woman left many with ribs hurting after recounting how her ex husband lied about sleeping out.

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The husbands lie about where he sent the night was so ridiculous even fellow men couldn’t believe he gave such a silly reason.

‘It was my husbands birthday so he did not come home. So he slept out and when he returned home in the morning, he told me that his car got spoiled and taken to the garage. ‘

So far so good right? Wrong!!1 It gets even more ridiculous.

She went on to say that

‘He said by this time it was 7pm and so he decided to get into a mat to come home. Ati somewhere along the way he slept and by the time he knew it, it was 4am, and he stukad to fin himself sleeping next to the soldier. Ngai Maina, I told him to look at himself in the mirror and repeat what he just said. I lost respect for the dude, ati he jistuad it was 4 in the morning, I mean what the hell. I left him 8 years ago, you lose respect for those stupid lies. I told him, ati the matatu was parked somewhere and he was asleep like next to the soldier,’


He seriously couldn’t come up with a better lie? Here are comments from Classic fans, disappointed in him.

Men are used to twisting words. I haven’t been lied once, not even twice, it’s beyond counting. Mtu anakwambia alikuwa hosi, but he doesn’t look sick at all. Kumbe he was taking someone on a date.

Kwani alikuwa anatoka nakuru kwenda mombasa aaah

Wife blasts husband for allowing his mother to sit in the front seat

I can’t stop laughing at today’s conversation ati I slept in mat 7pm mpaka 4am. Bravooo to my fellow Kenyan men uskubali makosa ata ukishikwa ruka story

Kenyan men have a special place in hell aki. Ati alilala kwa matatu!!?? Kwani hiyo matatu haikuenda car wash??
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi

Maina Maina Maina huyo caller’s baby daddy alichomaaaaaaa Kabisaaa

#MainaAndKingangi Men we don’t know how to lie…tunajiingizanga kwa moto kama butterfly

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