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My ex burnt all my title deeds and I can’t forgive her even though she died

Maina Kageni was left in shock after a friend of his confessed that his ex wife carried everything they owned including title deeds leaving the house empty.

They say that hell has no furry like a woman scorned. The woman in question did this horrendous act 11 years ago but the man has vowed never to forgive nor forget.


Maina posed the question on what are the worst things women have done to their men and the confessions are shocking.

Here is what one listeners had to say.

“My ex wife took all my transcripts and title deed and burnt them to ashes while I was at work.

I only realized they were missing after coming home from work and after visiting my former University they told me that they could only get me some but for others there is nothing they could do.

‘I never want my parents to beg my exes for my burial place’ – Akothee

I had to contact CID to help me track her and luckily we arrested her mind you she was pregnant with our first child when she left.

Fast forward she gave birth and later died and the family tried to reach out to me but I told them off as I do not want anything to do with them.”

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He further adds

” I did not bother to go to my burial as for the child I do send help but I do not want to see that child EVER.

Maina I struggled really hard to pay for my school fees but I have nothing to show for it I can never forgive her despite the fact that she is the mother to my kid.

To top it  all we were legally married.”

Another adds

“He promised to wait for me till I finished my studies so that we could get married but he ended up marrying another lady whom he kept referring to as just a friend.

I will never forget that and I will never forgive him.”

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