My ex broke up with me for being ‘fat and black’ Cries heartbroken city girl

As girls we all dream of meeting our prince charming and living happily ever after, but that is not always the case as some of us never find true love.

While some women find true love, others are left kissing as many frogs as possible without ever finding their knight in shining amour. A good case in point is one city woman who learnt her lesson the hard way after being heartbroken, not once but twice.

The woman was initially dumped by her first boyfriend for being ‘fat’ only to find her second guy between the sheets with another woman.

She wrote

“my ex broke up with me Dec 2017, he said I was fat and black, despite the fact that I watched my weight and reduced to the minimum, he was still not pleased, I was heartbroken, I spent Xmas and new year in tears. Beginning of April this year, I met another guy and fell in love cos I was extremely lonely at heart.

‘Not having a child by 30 doesn’t make you less of a human’ – Mukami Mwaura


The saddest part is that the man she thought was the one, ended up being worse than her first love.

Her confession continues

“Yesterday I walked into this guy sleeping with another girl, I can’t start giving,Details now, I’m so hurt, my body is shaking as I’m typing, I’ve cried my heart out, I’m d last child of my parents, I’m an extremely emotional person, I just need a shoulder to cry on, I don’t know why I keep meeting the wrong people, bad things keep happening to me, and I know I’m not a bad person.”She concludes

It is obvious that the woman above is not a bad woman, she is only a woman who makes bad choices when it comes to men. They say love is blind, who knows maybe she was literally blinded by it.

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Here is the advice the heartbroken woman above was given on social media;


lizzyeffiom…“Bad things happen to good people”… brace yourself darling. You are beautiful, tell yourself that.

essien91..My dear, give urself a break, nd get focused on God 4 ur real person. Ask him.( God) 2 help make d choice 4 u ok?. Do not rush

the_soma_fortune..Give ur self break

dramaticseemiboo,…yes you are allowed to cry, just chill and treat urself right. boo, pay attention to urself more, the right person will come. Dear, please just love and respect urself. please

djfalone…He was a rebound ….and he took advantage of you. Pele

naomi_uz…Bae looking for a shoulder to cry on isn’t needed now… pls focus on yourself now ..learn to love yourself more… single life ain’t all that bad


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