My dad steals family pictures on Facebook to pretend he spends time with us


A son is caught between his feuding divorced parents and all over pictures the deadbeat man takes from Facebook and re-shares to show his friends that he is taking care of his kids.

Instead of asking for pictures or taking his own, the deadbeat dad heads to Facebook and downloads the pictures his ex takes of their kids, to show the world he is active in his kids life.

The son told his story and people are weighing in on the situation with their own experiences with bad parenting.

“My dad be stealing photos from my moms FB. I haven’t spent time with this man like since I was 8 and I haven’t seen him in person since i was about 13. Out here faking” He laughed

Propel weighed in with their own comments that show co parenting is not easy, but doable if the tow aggrieved sit and talk.

lmao he’s asking for pics to show his own mother/girlfriend/friends etc to make it seem like he’s involved in his kids’ life when he isn’t.

For people complaining. A present father would have his own pictures of his own kid.

That part. My ex used to sit in a cubicle that had pictures of my son, wall to wall. That he did not take. Because he was being a selfish di*khole 24/7, not to mention a drunk. So he couldn’t take pictures on his own. Fingers probably too shaky.

It is to some women with absent baby daddies who try and use the child he doesn’t take care of online for clout and sympathy.

Facts but a mom that wont let a father that wants to be there, see his son cant take the pictures
if that wasnt the case he wouldn’t even ask to see his son in the first place.

The tweet is one thing. The actual tiktok is another. She said he can spend time with the kid whenever he wants. He chooses to ask for pics instead so he can post them online and pretend he sees his kid in person.

The word “see” has multiple meanings.

My brother thought a good dad put pics of his kid on social media and looked at them often. But the pics with both of them in them were from 7 yrs ago and he never saw the kid. So… I love this watermark idea.

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