‘My dad can no longer walk, and he deserves every bit of it’ Brags woman

They say forgiveness is a process that takes time, sometimes it never takes place at all and in some instances it is easy to understand why.

Women are often said to be best friends with their dad’s, but that is not always the case especially for one city woman whose memories are nothing but nasty.

‘My dad told me to prostitute myself and earn some pocket money ‘Cries city woman

According to her, she detests him and below is why

“My dad was a wife beater, most of the days we used to sleep out. He had rental houses and every time he beat our mum, we would go sleep in those empty rooms.

He was the first man to call me a prostitute. To say it shattered me would be an understatement. It made me ask myself ‘how much more useless can I be to him?


He died a few years ago and I some how wish I had made peace with him but I just could not. Everything he did to my siblings and I keeps flashing in my head, the many years I was out of school, the name calling.

I was out of school for three years yet he had the financial capability of paying my fees. I now have the fear of getting married or even getting serious with someone because I do not know what the outcome will be.”

Another Kenyan says

“I went to live with my dad at some point after my mum got sick, at some point my mum passed away. One day I came back home to an empty home.

My dad had moved out and left me alone, he had married some one else.”


Another opens up and says that their home was more like hell on earth.

“Maina I can forget everything bad my dad ever did, but there is one single thing that I will NEVER forget as long as I am alive.

On this particular day my mum went to the salon and she was looking good. My grandmother (my dad’s mum) went ahead and told my dad that my mum had gone to see another man.

The beating my mum received that day is nothing but horror. My cousin, who was also in the house went on to urge my dad to just kill my mum so that they could get it over and done with.”

‘Every time he beat my mum my heart broke’ YY on abusive dad

She adds

“Fast forward my dad lost use of his limbs. He can no longer walk and his mum is the one who is currently taking care of him. Every time I look at him, I feel like there is something he did that is why he is going through this”

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