‘My boyfriend wants me to abort for the 8th time’ Cries city woman

A city woman has left many in shock after admitting to carrying out 7 abortions in the past, adding she is ready to carry the 8th one as she is pregnant.

Taking to social media the woman narrates step by step on how she loves having unprotected s3x, despite knowing that one can easily get pregnant.

The saddest things is that she is not remorseful.

“I am pregnant again and this will be the 8th I am taking in and he is saying abort it, it is not as if I can’t close my legs but he is more sweeter skin to skin.

Each time he uses protection I don’t feel him and I don’t enjoy intimacy, and whenever he uses withdrawal method I feel he does not love me again.


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I just love to see him c#m, I love the excitement in his face I also love how he holds me and begs me not to cheat on him.

I love the reaction  the feel of him in my body  but I keep getting pregnant. “

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The damsel goes on to add that despite her boyfriend advising her to get on family planning she is bent on letting him enjoy her without protection.

“I am 21 years and I am not even ready for marriage.

I will have to abort for the 8th time he has been giving me money but he is saying I should do family planning how can I be doing family planing at my age when I don’t even have a family .

Is there any short cut because I love my man so much I want him to enjoy my body with no restrictions of protection I want to keep the bond and fire burning till we get married .”

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