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‘My boyfriend has asked me to never discuss politics with him,’ explodes angry woman

Politics is regarded as a dirty game and not many like to engage in it.

A young woman, who loves politics and is majoring in Political Science is afraid that she may end up being single the rest of her life.

She says her boyfriend gets angry anytime she talks about politics. The young lady wrote to a relationship expert DearWendy seeking advice.

Below is what she wrote:

“I’m a college student in the South (think Deep South) and I met a guy about two months ago through a mutual friend. “Eric” is also a college student here in the South but at a neighboring university. We’ve now been dating roughly three weeks and we have a problem. I love politics. I am majoring in political science and keep up with many major political events. I want to be a political journalist after graduation. I love talking about politics and political topics; it’s my passion. While I grew up in a red area, I’m a Democrat. He’s not party-affiliated, but he has many opposing ideas to my own. This is not the problem for me. I’m fine with it because we have a great relationship and none of his opinions make me uncomfortable. The problem is that he gets angry every time I talk about politics or anything political.

I don’t know if it’s our differing views or if he feels attacked because I’m (usually) more knowledgeable about political events than he is. Every time it comes up he gets upset, which makes me upset and we just end up arguing — not even necessarily about politics but just arguing about how he feels like I belittle him. His solution is for us to never talk politics, but I just can’t do that since it’s such a major part of my life.

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I know people say politics and religion shouldn’t be discussed because they cause issues, but I think in today’s society it’s just impossible to know someone without knowing the political morals and values they hold. I really care about Eric and he’s an amazing man, but I feel like I can’t talk about the thing I’m most passionate about around him for fear of messing up our otherwise amazing connection. What other solutions could there be so that we can communicate about politics without there being tension?”

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