My boyfriend bought me my first car at 21 – Huddah


While weighing in on the saga of the Kenyan girl arrested with sh121million in her account, Huddah revealed she was bought for a car by her foreigner boyfriend when she was 21 years old.

The 21 year old Fleesta Njoroge was arrested after her Belgian boyfriend deposited the cash in a span of three days raising questions with Asset Recovery.

Huddah share the car cost sh7.5million but they could not deposit it in her bank account because it would raise questions.

‘coop bank has frozen my account many times at 19’sh.’

whern my boyfriend bought me my first car at 21 it was about 75dollars. That was ksh7.5million.then and we didn’t use my accout coz it coulda raised so many questions smart men know how to run sh*t’

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