My 2 boyfriends have proposed, how do I get out of this trap? Asks woman

A woman has been caught in a dilemma after the two men she has been dating proposed to marry her. According to her both men are loaded and treat her good.

Taking to social media to share her predicament *Nelly * says

I am confused.

I have 2 men in my life and they both want to marry me but I don’t know who to choose .

The first one is rich while the second one is just comfortable.

Let me explain so that you can understand where I am coming from.

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When my car engine knocked Tony gave me 400k to replace it while Peter was the one who stayed at the Mechanic to make sure the job was done.

When I had an accident, tony could not come because he was out of the county but he sent me almost 1 million for my medical bills and was willing to fly me out if I was not responding to treatment.


She adds

While Chima was with me in the hospital, slept on the floor and made sure I took my bath and fed me.

Tony bought the car I drive Peter fuels it when he has money . Tony pays my rent, Peter helps me pay some bills when he has.

I work and I earn up to 300k a month so I am comfortable. They are both ok in bed.

Tony visits me every weekend because he travels a lot but we talk often but Peter is always around me.

Peter is his own boss, he sells tiles. Tony on the other hand is a top manager at CBN he is still single after he lost his wife but no kids.

She asks

It is not about material things both of these men play very important roles in my life I have to give up one.
Who should I marry.

Majority will carry the vote because at this point I am confused. Help me choose

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