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Mwanaume Kamili! Kenyan Man Apologizes Publicly To His Wife After Cheating On Her

A bold man by the name Bren Mwaura has left Kenyans talking for days after he took to social media to apologise to his wife for cheating on her.

Mwaura apologised to her for cheating on her with a lady he named Alice Wanjiru. Apparently, Wanjiru has been warming Mwaura’s bed although he was married.

He then promised never to go astray again a thing many men cannot do.

“Am apologising to my wife cheating on her with one Alice Wanjiru am really sorry dear  wife and it will never happen again.”


Bren MWaura

He further went ahead to claim that it was because of the bad company he has been keeping.

“Dear wife I am very sorry for ever cheating on you, it will never happen again, it is the bad company that I have been keeping.”

Bren MWaura

Bren has deactivated his social media accounts after his bold apology.

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