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Mwalimu King’ang’i’s hilarious reaction to the Francis Atwoli Tv interview

Mwalimu Kingangi can’t wrap his head around he fact that Francis Atwoli admitted on national TV that he is indeed married to TV presenter Mary Kilobi.

Atwoli was setting the record straight after word started going round that he had taken someone else’s wife, something he has strongly denied stating that he and Mary are married.

During an interview on a local TV station, the COTU boss on being asked who Mary was to him and if he minded the age difference said

“That’s my wife, she is number two because I am no longer together with my second wife, there is no age limit between a man and a woman anywhere in the world, Katiba bado nasoma. At my age I can’t deny that she is my wife, I am a well known person and whatever I do must be within the frame work of what I do.

Mary Kilobi

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Well Mwalimu Kingangi played on air a song that he claims perfectly identifies Atwoli’s interest in Mary and it is hilarious.

The lyrics say

“Your Walking style is a tick, the smile tick, your behaviour tick, your shape tick loving you is not a waste, loving you is a tick.”

According to Kingangi the above song is one of the criteria’s that Atwoli used to make Mary Kilobi his wife.

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