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Mwalimu King’angi’s advise to Sonko after he cried in court

On Wednesday February 3rd, the court proceeding of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was the talk of town and especially after he shed tears.

The politician became very emotional according tot he Star Newspaper, to a point magistrate Ogoti had to give him time to calm himself. “Just compose yourself. Do not cry, do not cry,” said Ogoti.

Sonko is in custody over several charges with the most alarming being accused of recruiting a militia which is likely to destabilize security. Maina Kageni and Mwalimu discussed this on Friday morning and Kingangi had some advice for Sonko, whom he called a brother.

He said

“This year we are telling people the truth, hashtag hatutaki ujinga. Now there are things you need to understand in life, hakuna vile kila mtu atakupenda na hutawahi pendwa na kila mtu wewe si avocado. Love comes and goes. Do you know Sonko was the most voted politician in Kenya in the last election? Now he is here crying, ako hapo kamiti hakuna mtu anaenda kumtembelea, it’s good I saw Kalonzo akimuadvice hakuna wale walimpigia kura walienda. The reason I’m telling you this Sonko is because you are my brother, wati si wazuri vile unafikiria.

Photo Source The Star Newspaper Photodesk
Photo Source The Star Newspaper Photodesk

“The reason he cried is because of that realization, he saw it, in person pale kizimbani kortini you realize you are on your own, there is something called presidency, wachana na Uhuru, he is the best person you can ever deal with, Uhuru as a person is an amazing person, but there is something called the Presidency, na watu by the time the DP says there is a deep state, na ako hapo ndani ya serikali, aseme hapa kuna kitu inanizunguka, unafaaa kujiuliza kwanini anasema hivyo. The Presidency as an institution, must be respected and because you are a person not an organization, utalia sana, bro,,,muheshimiwa what you need to do right now for the sake of your family, tafuta simu ya Uhuru mpgigie simu muambie pole sana, mheshimiwa rais, na mimi hutawahi niona hautawahi nisikia, na tafadhali waambie sina lolote, piga magoti ulie, talk to the President, otherwise when the system starts frustrating you it becomes even so bad for your fmily, mheshimiwa we love you so much, you were voted overwhelmingly by Nairobi, take a phone, tafuta simu ya kabambe, afadhali upigie Margaret apigie bwanake, apologize to the President otherwise the system once it starts frustrating you, bro, watakurudisha square one and you don’t want to be there, and stop recording”

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