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Mwalimu Kinga’ngi shares fond childhood memory of Daniel Moi

The death of former President Daniel Moi has reignited memories countrywide.

Moi died early Tuesday morning, according to a proclamation from President Uhuru who shared the news.

Classic’s Mwalimu Kingang’i has joined Kenyans in sharing his special encounter of Moi while he was a student in Ukambani.

Rest In Peace: Former President Daniel Arap Moi dead

Mwalimu recalled how school going children would be forced to line up the streets in anticipation of Moi’s visit to the area.

Mwalimu Kingang'i Kasheshe

Mwalimu described how a teacher messed the experience for the entire school. The teachers name? Morphat. Read the interesting anecdote

Another day alikuja and all morning we had been instructed to cheer until he arrives with his motorcade. Those days his motorcade was so big, and we lost our voices screaming his praises. By the time he arrived our teacher Morphat would scream at us to continue chanting his praises or face a beating. Tulikuwa tunatingisha bendera, tulipewa the day before almost 10,000 kids waiting in line for the president with  guy ordering us to tingiza bendera. When he came I will never forget.

His convoy stopped then he asked a representative of the school to come forward and tell him our problems. We picked teacher mophart. Mophart told him we didn’t need anything, that tuko nyuma yako, how do you say we don’t need anything yet we don’t have water, roads, arrh teacher morphat I shall never forget him.

What all Kenyans also remember about Moi is that he started the tradition of building gabions.

Mwalimu recounted his experience seeing Daniel Moi help build gabions in Ukambani.

The memory was so funny that to this day, Mwalimu Kingan’gi couldn’t help making Maina laugh with tears.

He said

He came another time to Ukambani when it was times of mumonyoko wa udongo kujenga gabions. I was there then akaumia kidole hapo ndio tulijua power, the way he was evacuated from the stones, ndio nikajua power ni kitu 

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