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Mwalimu Kingangi reveals why he is upset with Laboso’s husband Edwin

Mwalimu Kingangi is not impressed with Edwin Obonyo, husband to the late Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso.

He would do things differently was he in his place.

Mwalimu’s disappointment came after Edwin Obonyo revealed that despite having a governor for a wife, he had never been given any tenders by the Bomet county government.

If my wife Mwongeli was Governor, I would be the one doing business in that county, hata chai ya saa nne I would be the one providing.

As if that is not enough I would make sure everyone knows that my wife is the governor. Mimi ni bwana ya governor, I would make sure people do not forget that.

The last words Joyce Laboso spoke to DP William Ruto

Joyce Laboso addesssing
Joyce Laboso addressing a crowd in the past

‘She was in so much pain’ Raila whispers about Joyce Laboso

Husband to the late Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso confessed that his late wife has never given him any tenders to the dismay of many.

Eulogizing his incorruptible wife, Obonyo said that he is a contractor but he has never be given any contract by the county government.

I am a contractor but I never picked a job to do here in Bomet County. That’s who we are, we believe that God has given us enough to keep going.




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