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Mwalimu King’ang’i reveals why Mike Mondo should marry a Mukorino

Mwalimu King’ang’i has finally revealed why he thinks Mike Mondo would be better of marrying a mukorino from Kinangop  rather than a city woman.

According to Mwalimu a woman from Kinagop would be willing to stick with you in sickness and in health further adding that he had advised Mike but he did not take the advice seriously.

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I told him to drop his former car which looked like an Ice cream trolley.He now has a BMW and suddenly he is the woman’s favorite.

He also moved to Kiambu road ,before he used to live in some confused apartments.He then went ahead and behaved like  luo and announced that he has a big ride.

Mike Mondo and his bae

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Mwalimu adds that Mike’s mistake was telling everyone where he had moved to and that he had upgraded his car.

Now he is spoilt for choice he has options left right and centre he is confused.When he was hustling no one would look at him twice.

He might end up making a wrong choice.

I had advised him to go to Kinangop and get himself a mukorino girl and marry her before he bought a car but he did not listen to me .

Well going by the advise above maybe Mwalimu King’ang’i should change his name to ‘The Love Doctor’.

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