Muthoni Drummer Queen unveils son’s face

Rapper Muthoni Drummer Queen has unveiled the face of her son, Manjano. Muthoni announced she was pregnant a few days ago in an Instagram message, responding to people who have been asking about her whereabouts.

“Q: Where you been MDQ?
A: Being preggerz!!
Between cooking a new life and avoiding Covid, I spent most of 2021 actively at home/away from humans sorry media guys, you see why I declined all your in person requests for promo of RIVER Our colleagues, inner circle & family have been so great in cheering us on and keeping our business, our business until we were ready to share. This 10month journey has been intensely beautiful 😍 ❤ my heart is so full it literally overflows with gratitude and joy.”

Muthoni Drummer Queen

While flaunting her new born, Muthoni shared a video with him and her lover.

“Our beautiful baby joined us earth side some days ago. We named him Manjano Ndonga Musosi.
Manjano💛 for golden glow of his soul’s energy.
Ndonga for my late father, his guardian spirit.
Musosi for Musa Omusi x Muthoni, the eternal collab that starts and ends at forever and a day. We are beyond words.”

From us is congratulations to the couple.

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