MUST WATCH: Zari Hassan SPEAKS OUT For The First Time After Ivan’s Death Revealing Juicy Details

Ivan Ssemwanga’s death was one that hit the headlines and was met by shock! Ssemwanga was the ex-husband to Zarina Hassan alias Zari The Boss Lady, who is the current wife to bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

Well, a lot has been said about Ivan’s death which has caused Zari to speak out shutting down some of the rumours. Talking about her friend Vera Sidika being trolled for not reaching out to Zari at the time of difficulty, Zari said;

“Nimeona Vera Sidika was attcaked but she has been reaching out to me. Nimekuta alot of her words. Sio lazima iende social media.”

 Talking to Bill Da African, Zari cleared the air saying that her ex-husband was not poisoned.She said

“Ivan was never poisoned. Ivan alikua na high blood pressure na hajawahi kupima and if alipima he has never taken it seriously that he needs to start his medication. So what happened alipata stroke na high blood pressure ikapanda. Akawa paralysed one side of the body which was the left. Akapasuka a vein in his head, ikamwaga damu in his brain…”

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When asked whether she was fighting for wealth with Ivan’s family, Zari said;

“The funny part is Ivan ameingia hospitali day 2 ikaanza kusikia his family. Nikasema guys, he is still alive, why are you fighting?….I want to tell people when i met him we had no money. His family can testify.I was just calm because at the end of the day there are papers…There is no beef between me and that family…Hii ni mali ya dunia, I would never start fighting for that”

Talking about why Diamond did not attend the burial, Zari said that she had a lot of family disputes that she did not want Diamond to get involved in.

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Ivan who was buried on Tuesday died at 40 years and leaves behind three sons, Pinto, Raphael Junior and Quincy.

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