Muslim cleric wants Prophet Owuor arrested

A Muslim cleric Friday condemned the death of five people waiting for a healing miracle at Prophet David Owuor’s crusade in Nakuru county on Thursday.

Kenya National Muslims Advisory Council chairman Sheikh Juma Ngao said there is “nothing like miracle healing under the sun” to be performed by any man or woman of either faith.

Ngao urged the government to investigate and arrest all religious leaders claiming to be prophets.

“The only genuine miracles through God’s help and guidance were last performed by two prophets, Jesus Christ and prophet Muhammad. Any other person claiming to have these powers is just conning the public and it is sin,” Ngao said at a press conference in Mombasa town.

The five people had been taken from various hospitals to receive healing at the crusade on Kaptembwa Grounds.

Ngao said there are no prophets after Jesus and Mohamed.


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