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Music producer accuses Ali Kiba of not paying for song

Tanzanian music producer Man Water has accused singer Ali Kiba of not paying for all the songs that they did together.

Water has however said that he has held onto the unreleased songs but Kiba re-did them.

He told Azam TV’s Buruan Muhuza “Apart from the songs “Seduce Me and Mvumo Wa Radi” we had many other songs. I have the songs but they have not been paid for. I am a businessman and if you haven’t paid me, I can’t give you the songs.”

He went on to expose Kiba for going behind his back and re-doing the songs.

“Something I don’t like is that I have heard them being repeated somewhere else and I am the source of the songs. That’s why sometimes there are problems between producers and artiste and people decide to just keep quiet. What if I release the original songs, it’s better a half loss.  If I decided to release the songs on my youtube channel, then they are mine.”

Ali Kiba and Man Water have been working together for a long time till rumours went rounds that the two had split.

Whether the songs Man Water has withheld will be released or not, it will just take time for fans to find out.

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