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Murang’a man digs own grave as he awaits death, Kenyans react


Photos of a Murang’a man sleeping in a grave he designed and dug for himself have gone viral.

It is said the man is saving his family the hustle of burial costs and has even written a eulogy. He also sleeps in the designated grave to test it out.

The bizarre news got the attention of KOT who had alot to say.

Many reacted tot he pictures saying they find it bizarre, while others agreed saying it will save his family expenses and the hustle of going through this process.

Crazy world


muranag man 1
There’s a reason why people are buried 6 feet under.
And it looks like this man didn’t understand why

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Hii ni nyumba ya dogi

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Good for him!
Red circle

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Okay cool but….. Why is there a phone number on his picture? Ama thats his after life contract?

I support him.
We should all prepare our graves so as to cut the burial costs when our time to die comes

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