Muranga family receives the remains of their 21-year-old daughter killed in Saudi Arabia

A Kenyan family is in distress after receiving the remains of their 21-year-old daughter Beatrice Waruguru who died in Saudi Arabia.

The young woman who hails from Gatanga, Muranga county had travelled to Saudi Arabia immediately after high school.

After viewing her body, the victim’s mother Mercy Wanjiru has revealed the horrible state in which her daughter was.

“The head is disfigured with eyes seeming to have been gouged out. Her neck has deep cuts and stitches. Maybe they slit her throat,”

The mum revealed her daughter’s body had started degrading.

“Some flesh behind her legs is missing maybe because she died a long time ago and somebody’s parts were interfered with.”

The mother said her late daughter’s dreadlocks were still intact which made it easy for the family to identify her.

“It is very painful for any parent and I appeal to those willing to come and view the body and see how our children are suffering in Saudi Arabia yet the government is silent,” she said.

There was a five-hour stand-off at the airport after the family of Beatrice refused to sign in documents allowing them to officially receive the body.

The family had wanted to view the body before signing any documents but it is against the airport policies.

The family was only able to confirm it was their daughter after signing the documents.

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