Ommy Dimpoz

Muombeeni: Ommy Dimpoz admitted in a German hospital

Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz has been admitted at a German hospital after a throat condition he has been battling worsened.

Speaking to Global TV, Dimpoz’s father confirmed his son was doing well, until recently when his condition worsened.

Dimpoz’s dad said:

“They have taken him to Germany for treatment and a possible surgery again. I have been talking to them on phone to know how he is going on.”

Another close friend to the family also said the singer is in Germany for treatment.

“After an earlier operation from the throat towards the tummy, he developed complications and started secreting puss thus he was rushed to a hospital.”

‘I felt like my time on earth had come’ Tanzanian artiste Ommy Dimpoz opens up on being admitted in ICU

Ommy Dimpoz

Dimpoz has been struggling with throat-related complications for sometime now. He was flown to South Africa for a life-saving surgery over the same, where he spent about 15 days in the hospital.

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In an earlier post he wrote about how he felt at the time he had been admitted in ICU over the same problem,

“Were it not for the love God has for me I would now be history. My biggest lesson during this trying times is that as humans we are just a form of worship and today you might be okay but the next time you are dying on a hospital bed.

This is why I have decided to share my photo while I was admitted in ICU knowing too well that posting such photos is not pleasing but I am doing it to just to remind people that there is Today and there is Tomorrow.”

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