Mungai Mbaya thanks Kenyans for their support after he lost his son

Upcoming rapper Mungai Mbaya has announced his breakup from his bae and baby Mama Aisha Mohamed.

The two have decided to go their separate ways after things failed to work out how they had planned.

Taking to his socials he said

Ait so Check Shorty and I broke it off recently. Some of you may have realized. 

Some Of Y’all On Some Stevie Wonder [email protected] 

I chose to address coz I’m getting tired of the questions In the Dm. “

We straight we got nothing but love for Her. Pretty sure she feels the same way. Shit, just played out differently than we’d hoped. “

Mungai said despite the breakup they will always share a special bond as they shared a child.

“Well always be Baba and Mama Lyric. And I Appreciate all the support you gave us through our most trying time. Love you all so much for that.

All I Ask is That Yell Keep It Mindful And Respectful. Only Sharing This To Clear Things Up. Keep The Support. Coming Through. We Both Could Use it Love Fem.!. 

Aisha Mohamed and Mungai Mbaya started living together at 22 and 19 respectively.

They lost their son Lyric on June 28/2021 a month after he was born

The new mum took to her Instagram to announce the death of her son.

”I’m shaking typing this because I’m still in shock. I can’t believe my baby is gone and I’m never going to see him. He fought so hard to stay with us but he was in too much pain, he decided it was time for him to rest. I’ve decided to show his face today because so many people loved him without even knowing him or how he looked like.”

The soft-spoken mum said his son was so peaceful that she couldn’t believe he was gone.

“He is the most handsome and beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. He was such a happy and peaceful baby and I’m so glad I got to meet and know him for that one month. 

He turned a month old today but he couldn’t go any further. I had so many plans for him and it hurts that I’ll never get to see them through with him. 

I can’t believe my son is gone😭😭😭Yaani I’m still in shock and denial.”


“I even feel like vomiting my guts out. I’ve never dealt with loss in my life before and this hits home so bad. I miss him so much manzee. MAY 28th will always be the best day of my life and JUNE 28th the worst gave me happiness that I had never felt and we loved him so much.

He made me a mother and I’ll always be in his debt for that. We still love him and he will always be my Lyric Kagecho Mungai.

There will never be another like him. Fly with the angels my baby boy. DOD 28.06.2021😭09.00 am.”

Aisha said she hoped she would get the strength to deal with the loss.

”I hope I ever get the strength to accept that you’re fully gone baba🥺I thought you were my one blessing and reward in this shitty world but it wasn’t meant to be. I hope you’re doing well and we want you to know that we love you so much. Your dad and I❤️This was him at a week old🥺”

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