mum suffocates daughter with pillow

Mum suffocates daughter for ‘talking back’


Talking back or being rude was something that many of us never dared do to our parents. Attempting to get your thoughts across would see a backhand slap land on y our cheek or worse.

A US mother allegedly suffocated her four-year-old daughter for talking back at her. The woman committed the act four days ago and has since been arrested.

The mother is said to have suffocated her daughter with a pillow, then hid the body in the dumpster after the girl talked back.

The body of the four-year-old was discovered behind their apartment complex by a neighbor who was throwing out his garbage.

According to the report filed at the police station in Miami, the woman became angry with the girl and lured the child into her room, where she used a pillow to suffocate the girl.

Investigators said they were able to see bruises on her arms, legs and torso, despite the child’s body beginning to decompose.

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