‘Mum is cheating with our driver yet he has also slept with me’ cries city girl

Would you report your mum if you found her cheating? That is the dilemma a young woman is fighting with after finding her mum in bed with their driver.

With no shame at all the driver was show casing his bedroom skills in the parking lot despite knowing too well that he has also slept with the daughter without the mothers knowledge.

She wrote

“My mum is cheating on my dad with our driver. I caught them last night inside my dad’s car making out. I went out to make Call because the network was so bad and I could not hear my boyfriend, so I quickly rushed out, I was not still hearing him so out of frustration I cut off the call. For me to go inside I heard noise, so I traced it to the car , put off my phone light and getting to the car it was my shameless mum and our driver . I am so bitter because this same driver has slept with me by mistake but we never dated . It just happened and he took advantage of me

Businessman walking into bedroom and finding couple in bed

I can’t believe my mum is acting like a kid, mine is better that I am a small girl of 22 but my mum is shameless. Under my daddy’s roof. I want to tell my dad and to think my mum is not even begging me, she was still forming elder. She does not know that I have lost respect for her after sitting on same dick I have sat on . That driver is a gigolo. How do I get him sacked from our house ? Should I accuse him of rape? So that my dad will fire him , or I should just tell my dad what I saw ? My mum was even on top of him , very irritating view .”

Here are some comments

officialprincenelsonI don’t even know what to say, I don’t want to interfere with what the devil is doing in your family I just can’t sorry pls
missy_praise: I think you are not just angry at your mum you are Jealous.
_kuchee:  Of course it happens! I’m sure you know this is raining season, how wet and slippery everywhere is…so, she was passing by and “mistakenly” slipped and sat right on top and everything went it laidat naaaa.
obi2021: It could be possible the man u call ur father is not ur biological father. Yes u may ve made a mistake, bit for ur mom to continue from where u stopped is worst. Talk to ur mom first and if it continues, then bring ur dad’s attention to it.
noraofurum: At least ur own is better young girl of 22.. U need better rebranding especially ur brain,u lost respect for ur mother cause she sat on the same dicl u did…hypo will wash sense back into you..
ijijebaby: My dear ask God to guide u in what ever step u are going to take remember nobody is perfect ok
dazel__tab: Hoedom runs in your people’s family.. Don’t bother telling your dad.. He’s probably also having his full course meal somewhere
toby_lanez: I have watched this movie on pornhub. I know what happened next, the next day u catch them again and this time you join them, it’s very interesting

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