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A case-study of comedian Mulamwah’s saddening and maddening love life

Comedian Mulamwah’s love-life is comic tragedy taken to a whole other level. Why? The comedian seems to have developed a taste for pain and self-immolation.

The reason for my extremely cynical and morbid introduction. The man hasn’t still gotten over his girlfriend Carol Sonnie 6 months after she dumped him.

And why do I believe she dumped him? I wrote a whole piece explaining my logic and reasoning in the article below:

I think Mulamwah was dumped like a piece of trash by his lover Carol. Here’s why

Last week the comedian shared a message celebrating her as she turned a year older. As seen on his post, Mulamwah proved that despite having been unceremoniously dumped, he still has no hard feelings towards her.

His birthday message read, “All factors kept constant, help me wish her a happy birthday as she turns 23, you deserve the best day ever regardless, happy birthday ka ma’am , blessings @carrol_sonie.”

Call me a nihilist but the way the man is behaving leaves a lot to be desired. Why? Not only did Carol delete all their photos together on social media when she dumped him but it also seems that she did it after he had done everything for her-short of deifying her.

His break-up message at the time informing Kenyans of the split had this very interesting snippet, “I always carried you on my shoulders; I don’t know what you saw ahead 🥺 while was too preoccupied making sure that you remain at the top. I always believed that when you elevate your woman she will stand in for you when you are at your worst…”

So you can sort of get my frustration at the man’s lack of self-respect. Why are you still saying sweet nothing’s to someone who dropped you like a hot potato? As they say in Kiswahili, Ukiachwa, achika! I believe that exes should be left in the past-like the landline telephone.

Another thing? Mulamwah is acting like Carol is the only woman he can date/marry in a world populated by many women! For a guy like him who has status, money and isn’t shaped like a potato, I believe he can have plenty of other options, were he to move on.

But what do I know…

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