Mugo Wa Wairimu

‘I am back fearless ,stronger with fresh lessons ‘Brags quack rapist doctor Mugo Wa Wairimu

Quack Doctor Mugo Wa Wairimu famous for sedating and raping women is back, he says he is now back stronger,candid,fearless and  fresh lessons to top it all.

Born James Mugo Ndichu ,Dr Mugo was exposed in 2015 but that has not stopped him from doing what he enjoys most,exploiting women,Three years after being exposed he is back in a different location with a new address and new phone numbers.

Initially he was operating in Githurai,he has now moved to Kayole.

NTV journalist Dennis Okari exposed him a second time and it is scary the levels he is going just to get money from patients.Mugo has now become dependent on drugs and is constantly injected with drugs that are more powerful than cocaine.

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Mugo Wa Wairimu


Mugo preys on powerless patients mostly women ,According to a woman who was lucky to escape from Mugo’s jaws of sexual abuse  after she saw a job advert,the quack doctor used to rape women in the X ray room given that it is dark .

She says

“The theater has two doors and the doors are always locked,he enters there and stays there for almost 30 minutes.Initially he used to rape women in the X ray room since its dark and easy to disguise while in there,Nowdays i hear he rapes women in the theater.”

Another victim says

“I went to see Dr Mugo because i needed medical assistance ,he asked me to lie on the bed so that he could examine me,before long he told me that i needed a jab on y hand.

5 minutes after the jab i started feeling dizzy and in my drowsiness i could see him talking but i could not grasp what he was saying.Before i finally blacked out i saw him unzipping his trousers and that is when he went ahead to rape me.

Due to the effect of the drug i could not fully understand what had happened to me,I decided to ask him and to my shock he did not deny it.adding that he did something that he was not supposed to do to a patient.”

In October 2015 Dr Mugo had been charged with rape,hiring non qualified lab technologists,illegal administering unknown drugs ,operating a pharmacist without a license .

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He was arrested after members of the public identified him and alerted the police,defending himself he said

“The issue of rape I got used to it,there is no need of crying over spilt milk.Time will vindicate me.I cannot commit suicide because that happened,I will not stop being whom I am,Life cannot stop because that happened.”

According to Okari ,the quack doctor has seven pseudo Facebook accounts,and going by his posts he is ready for whatever blow life has thrown to him.

Mugo Wa Wairimu

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He called out those claiming he raped daring them to go report




Mugo also brags about how he procures abortion,despite it being illegal,and  writing exorbitant bills something that was confirmed by the woman he tried to rape once

“He rapes women by admitting them and then write an exorbitant bill such as 70,000 or even 100,000 something he knows you cannot afford to pay.

He then goes ahead to sleep and use you till he feels he has ‘recovered ‘ his cash.”

In the video a woman who has come to procure an abortion is left humiliated after the doctor starts kissing her telling her that its supposed to numb the pain.When she reacts he quickly asks her if he was present when she was getting pregnant.

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The woman who is obviously in pain is helpless and can do nothing

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