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‘He is much better,’ King Kaka’s wife update fans on his health

Rapper King Kaka has been unwell for months after what he said was misdiagnosed.

In his social media, King Kaka said he had been sick for over three months and had lost appetite, leading to him losing up to 33 Kg.

He has been updating his fans about his health since he left the hospital.

Well, his wife, Nana Owiti in a Q & A on her social media updated his fans that he is doing much better.

Fans asked how the rapper is fairing on.

“He is much better. He’s added 6+ KGs and you have no idea how grateful we are for that. It’s a big win, thanks for asking,”  she said.

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King Kaka in suit and tie
King Kaka in suit and tie

She added that King Kaka will share details on the disease he is suffering from when he is ready.

Kaka shared his first photo after announcing he has been ill for three months few weeks ago.

In a post on social media, the ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ singer asked his fans to always pray for good health.

He added that it has not been easy to be in and out of hospital.

“Hospitali ceilings are really boring, always pray for good health,” he wrote.

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