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Mtoto Tunaye: Maribe expectant and here is a photo from the baby shower

The Maribe’s are ending the year in style as they prepare to welcome a new born into the family most probably a  few weeks or even a few days from now.

Well don’t get it twisted it’s not Jacque Maribe who is pregnant rather it’s her sister Catherine Maribe alias Cate who is expecting her third born.

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She shared a photo wearing a sash written: Its a girl.  She captioned it


Cate Maribe

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It’s clear that she might be delivering her bundle of joy soon if the pic she shared is from her baby shower.

Cate is a great, supportive and protective sister to Jacque, and this was evident in the past few weeks, when she stood with her when she was behind bars.

Jacque’s sister has two kids, Jacque Maribe on the other hand is a mother of one, a son.

She is expected to appear in court today over her pending case on Monicah Kimani’s murder, it’s also her birthday today.

Jacque maribe

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