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Mr Seed’s two special tattoos is the perfect way to show off


Gospel singer Mr Seed has got tatoos all for a very special reason.

A picture on his instagram shows his arm with an elaborate design that we cant help but love.

He spoke abut it to Word is where he revealed the meaning of the tattoos, which are on his left hand.

“One of my tattoos has my late dad’s name and another one is for my son’s name. I had an idea of naming my son Gold even before I got him and so I tattooed his name on my hand,” he said.


Mr Seed, who was previously signed under EMB records, is making Boss moves after launching his studios, an operation that has been on course for roughly five months now.

It’s a project he believes will be able ‘to help artistes reach their musical dreams at affordable rates’.

Through an Insta video, Seed said,

“God amekuwa faithful sana, ju right now I want to take this chance to welcome every artiste kwenye Starborn Empire Studio. We are now open, come work with the best.”


Mr seed has also switched up his hairstyle and is now rocking a pink cut.

“I would request my fans not to judge me by the ways I look. If my style does not make you happy, at least like my music and what I post because it could be of importance,” he said.

This is after he cut off his trademark dreads all for a traditional wedding ceremony to his bae Nimo.

Now that the ceremony is behind them will he grow back his dreadlocks?



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