Mr Seeds marshalls support for aspiring politician Bahati

Mr. Seed’s note to Bahati as he goes for Mathare MP Seat.

Moses Omondi alias Mr. Seed penned a touching letter to Kevin Bahati alias Bahati telling of his support as he goes for the Mathare MP seat.

In the letter, he recalls their past life together, how they grew up poor. Mr. Seed talks about the struggles they went through and what poverty tastes like.

“I will not talk about our growth because No One doesn’t know about our struggles growing up. We experienced what poverty tasted like. We ate and drank poverty but what kept us going was the little hope that one day we will make it.” He wrote

He says that his “nilizaliwa Huruma” song is just not a line in the song but it is to show how much they loved their home Huruma in their home Mathare because it was all they had.

Mr. Seed’s support to Bahati for the Mathare MP seat is not because he is a politician but because he is a leader and he believes that the people of Mathare need Bahati as he knows the struggles in Mathare. The Gospel musician says in his emotional letter that he wishes the people of Mathare to get to know Bahati’s intentionsf or them.

“Nilizaliwa Huruma” isn’t just a line to a song to make a good hook but a testament of how we loved our home Huruma in Mathare. It was all we had, a place to call home. I remember us sleeping down (literally) you shared with me your vision for the people and how when you get blessed you will like to bless others. You are not a Politician, but a leader. I pray the People of Mathare get to know how your intentions for them are pure.

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