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Can’t wait to meet you: Mr Seed and his girlfriend expecting their first child

2018 seems to be a good year for many celebrities as most of them celebrate the birth of their kids and others await for the same next year .

Among those whose girlfriends /wives are expectant is gospel artiste Mr Seed and Shaniqwa and Dr King’ori of Wicked Edition which airs on NTV.

Mr Seed took to social media to post amazing photos of the two together, and it’s fair to say that Nimo really looks amazing during her pregnancy phase.

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Mr Seed and Nimo
Mr Seed and Nimo

Nimo is smitten and below is a heart melting post to her uborn baby,it makes us wanna get pages ASSAP.

“Just a letter to my little blessing ‘’ just to let you know baby, you were planned for, wanted and already loved by us, ❤️ you have no idea but the world out here can be cruel at times, never let anyone make you think or feel less😭, but also know we are here to protect you through it all 👍🏽there also so many other good people out here so open your heart and enjoy everything this world has to offer , feels good to already feel life from your kicks 😊 hope you are grown enough someday to read this😘 we cannot wait to meet you cc @mrseedofficial”

Below are some photos from the shoot

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Issa Baby affair: Shaniqwa ecstatic as he shows off his expectant girlfriend

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