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Mr and Miss Albinism crowning to go down at KICC this Friday

Young people living with albinism in East Africa will participate in the second Mr and Miss Albinism at KICC on Friday to demystify their condition.

“We did the first Mr and Miss albinism in Kenya in 2016, and we now want Kenyans to compete with Uganda and Tanzania,” nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura told Classic 105 last Friday.

Many people living with albinism hidden in homes in Trans Nzoia


Isaac Mwaura

The Kenyan Albinism Society has organised the pageant again to celebrate 12 years of its existence. It also wants to show the beauty in persons living with albinism, and do away with the stigma associated with the medical condition.

“People think that when you have albinism, you don’t look good, and that is where discrimination starts. So this is one way to use art and talents to change the mindsets and emancipate ourselves from the mental slavery that people with albinism are not beautiful,” Mwaura said.

Mr and Miss Albinism 2016

He said women with albinism are particularly troubled, and hence the need to continue creating awareness that there is nothing wrong with having the condition.

“Most girls with albinism end up being single parents because people want to have babies with them but they don’t want to marry them,” the senator said.

“Men with albinism are also not given the chance to grow their masculine nature to be men enough, and therefore, they lose their identity in society. We want to create more awareness on albinism.”

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

Members of the group between the ages of 18 and 35 years were given a chance to participate in the auditions that went down before the final selection.

“I am using my platform as the chairman of people with disability to celebrate our diversity and give opportunities to every person in Kenya,” Mwaura said.

Contestants come from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and awards will be given in different categories. Cash awards and other gift hampers will be given to the finalist.

Kenyan artistes who will perform include Khaligraph Jones and Kidum. Entrance is free for everyone.

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