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Should Xtian Dela’s surprising bid to become Westlands MP be encouraged?

This week, popular blogger Xtian Dela has surprised many of his fans and followers alike when he announced his bid to run for Member of Parliament of Westlands Constituency in 2022.

Dela informed Kenyans of his intention to get into the political scene via his Twitter page where raged about “old and useless” politicians.

The controversial blogger vowed to ‘show the power of social media’ and the impact the youth in Kenya can have.

“Let’s show them the POWER of Social Media and the power of the YOUTH in Kenya who are TIRED of OLD and USELESS politicians!!!! I BELIEVE WE WILL WIN!!! OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!!!!”

While he said that he didn’t have a manifesto yet, one of the main things on his agenda is to create jobs and ‘safe spaces’ to inspire the youth’s creativity.

Kenyans on Twitter have reacted to Xtian’s bid with mixed opinions. Those in agreement said that we needed youth in leadership, something that Xtian would bring.

Those in opposition noted that his controversial past as a blogger and his hairstyle as being stumbling blocks that might hinder his bid.

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While Xtian might not have the quintessential CV of most suave politicians, I think we should all support his bid to run for a political seat and I have a few reasons for that sentiment.

First off, Xtian already meets all the legal requirements to become a member of parliament despite his controversial past as an entertainer and blogger. Don’t forget that someone like Charles Njagua alias Jaguar became MP of Starehe despite his background in music.

Secondly, I don’t think we can do much worse than Xtian. Even the politicians we have in this country who have the right backgrounds in the glorified careers like law, medicine, and economics have already been disappointments. At least Xtian starts with a very low ceiling, all he can do is surpass most people’s expectations.

Lastly, two of the most revered politicians in American history, Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger both had exceptional film and screen backgrounds before they run for public office.

They were untested greenhorns who proved their caliber when they both became two-time governors for California (with Reagan becoming president later on), showing that entertainers could still do the job as well as the best of them.

So, yes Xtian can be a surprise package. At least if he fails, he will continue the long list of failures that we have in Kenyans politics.

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