magarini mp heals hiv

MP claims Asian massage can cure HIV, brain cancer


Magarini MP Harrison Kombe has claimed he has a cure for HIV-Aids, brain cancer and infertility.

He said a patient diagnosed with HIV-Aids at an early stage can be cured using reflexology therapy that does not require medicine.

Medical experts warn that while reflexology, an alternative Asian treatment, may be beneficial in some conditions, they do not include HIV-Aids, brain cancer and many grave ailments.

Desperate patients are urged to see licensed physicians. Reflexology may be of auxiliary use.

Acupressure on acupuncture points and reflexology have been used to help some people stop smoking.

Kombe on Tuesday in Chamari said he is training people free of charge to create jobs. He said reflexology not only helps cure HIV-Aids, but also “reactivates” male sexual organs.

Early this year, he said reflexology helped a woman, 60, to give birth in Nairobi. Kombe said reflexology heals those suffering from stroke, high blood pressure, stress, kidney failure and other conditons. Reflexology is an alternative, noninvasive treatment favoured in Asian traditional medicine. It involves application of pressure and massage — manual or electric — to specific points and areas on the feet, hands and ears.

These points are said to correspond to different parts of the body and organs. He said in the rural areas a 15-minute session can cost Sh200- Sh500. In Malindi, town experts can charge up to Sh2,500.

The MP said he learnt the skills from a scholar who went to Japan to study organic farming and alternative technology, but received extra training on therapy in 2012. He said he graduated last year after three months training at Malindi Baptist Church. Kombe started to train people, not only in Magarini, but the entire Kilifi county.

He said most people are not aware of the therapy and suffer silently, relying only on the medication prescribed by doctors and forget they can get healed through massage. Expert Comulus Baya Katana, who brought the knowledge from Japan, said, “Reflexology helps reduce toxins. Many people, including the elderly, are suffering and spend a lot of money on medication, but are not aware of the therapy.”

Last year, Kombe introduced reflexology as a subject in his school – Holly Ways High School – and plans to push for amendment of the Health law to introduce the subject in the curriculum.

There is no cure for HIV-Aids. Several trials have been conducted but no vaccine has been announced. “We have no cure for HIV as it stands. Several scientists are still trying to find a cure,” Vernon Mochache head of research at the National Aids and Control Council said on Wednesday. HIV infects a kind of white blood cell called a CD4 lymphocyte, a key player in the immune response.

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