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Mother who felt torn between her two exes reveals they’re now living as a ‘throuple’

A mother-of-two has told how being in a polyamorous throuple with her exes has solved the ‘tug of war’ she felt on her heart.

Ali Jones, 29, from Cape Town, South Africa, was with Damian Grundy, 30, before the marriage broke down, and she quickly moved on with Matty Ruchton, 26.

But the mother of two felt a constant tug battle over her feelings for the two men, and broke up with Matty too.

After joking about having a threesome, the three shared a night of passion and decided to be together as a throuple, with Ali saying they share a ‘rare, unconditional love’ between them.

Ali Jones, 29, from Cape Town was heartbroken when her relationships with her exes didn't work out, but now they're incredibly happy as a 'throuple'. Matty pictured (left) with Ali (middle) and Damian (right).

Ali was working as a tattoo artist when she fell in love with Damian, who works as a refrigeration technician.

She revealed: ‘We had been acquaintances for a few years during high school as we had the same friend circles, but the magic happened one night while we were each out on the town.

‘We shared our first kiss, Damian slept over that night and never left; it was love at first sight and he told me he loved me after five days.’

Already a mother to a little girl, Morgan, now 10, from a previous relationship, Ali felt that Damian was also a good father-figure for her.

Ali (front) with her two exes and now lovers, Matty (left) and Damian (behind). The throuple share two children between them

Shortly after they split up, Ali met another man, entrepreneur, Matty Ruchton, 26, who she hit it off with and they fell in love quickly.

She said: ‘The way he made me feel and act was different to what Damian gave me. We also fell in love extremely quickly, he was exactly what I needed in my life.

‘He also took on my kids as his own and loved them instantly. Obviously at first Damian wasn’t happy, and was hurt that I had moved on so quickly.’

She described Matty as ‘a sparkling knight in shining armour’, and encouraged the two men to become friends.


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