Mother throws daughter off four-storey apartment building TWICE to make sure she is dead

A seven-year-old girl died after her mother allegedly threw her from a fourth floor terrace.

Authorities believe it was the second time Aishika Sarkar had been thrown from the building by her mother, Swathi Sarkar.

Angry locals grabbed Sarkar and tied her to a lamp post with electricity cable in Jaraganahalli, in Bangalore

A mob chased Sarkar and tied her to a lamp post with electrical cable until police arrived 

Witnesses claimed Sarkar threw her daughter from the balcony a second time 

She was later arrested by police on suspicion of her daughter’s murder.

According to police, Aishika suffered from speech development issues and was not enrolled in a school.

Her parents lived in separate houses after breaking up and her father travelled to the home once a month to give money to Mrs Sarkar.

Police suspect the mother was suffering from mental health issues.

Her estranged husband, Kanchan Sarkar, also claimed that she would regularly fly into a rage.

The girl reportedly died instantly after being allegedly thrown from the terrace.

Neighbours claimed they saw Sarkar carrying her bleeding child upstairs before throwing her down again.

One witness said the child was bleeding and clearly in pain when Swathi ran back upstairs and allegedly tossed her over the side for a second time which killed her 

She tried to flee the scene and was caught by neighbours who tied her to the lamppost while they waited for police.

One witness said: ‘I was sleeping when I heard a huge noise around 3.30pm, and I ran out to see what had happened.

‘I noticed Swathi, clad in a nightie, holding her daughter who was bleeding profusely.

‘The child was crying and writhing in pain. I asked Swathi what had happened.

‘She shouted at me and ran towards the terrace and threw the girl to the ground.’

Mrs Sarkar was interrogated at a police station where she was arrested.

She reportedly told police that her child was mentally unstable and that after killing her she planned to take her own life.

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