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‘My mum abandoned me a week after my birth’ Dr. Ofweneke tearfully reveals

Dr. Ofweneke is one of the most popular comedians in Kenya. What many might not know about the man who has been well-received by his fans and peers, is that he experienced one of the most painful rejections a person can ever go through.

While many had many great things to say about their mothers on Mother’s Day, the father of 3 had a different tale to tell. The father of 3 narrated that his mother had abandoned him when he was a toddler during an interview on Churchill Show where he gave his heartrending story.

Dr. Ofweneke
Dr. Ofweneke

The entertainer tearfully explained that he had been in 1991 at Pumwani Hospital in Nairobi and had been raised entirely by his father after his mother dumped him on the stairs at their home and left.

“If I go 29 years back, I was a small boy born to David Sunday and the late Jennifer Atieno in a small house separated by a bed-sheet, with a bed on one side and a kitchen on the other. That’s where I was born, in Mathare where my parents used to live. In Pumwani Hospital. I was told that we didn’t have money at the time and my mum shared a hospital bed with another woman. My mum broke a thermos and the hospital actually held me until they brought a new thermos,” he disclosed.

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He added,

“I think my dad was too high to remember that his child had been born. I know he’s watching. One thing I’ll always respect is that he made the decision to stop drinking the day I was born, he decided to be a better man. So when I was taken home he was high as usual, but I don’t think his relationship with my mum was in a good place. So a week after my birth, there’s a place my dad used to pass by in Mathare and drink a bottle of Pilsner before coming home.”

That would be the last day his father would ever drink, Ofweneke revealed.

“So on that day, he had just opened his first Pilsner to drink when the house help came and told him that Atty (Ofweneke’s mother) had gone and left the baby on the stairs. So by the time my dad leaves that place and comes home, he finds neighbours taking care of me after they found me on the stairs,” he stated.

Dr. Ofweneke
Dr. Ofweneke

Ofweneke revealed the deep respect and admiration he had for his father because he raised him alone, noting that they referred to each other as ‘bro’ due to the close nature of their relationship.

“A week after my birth, mum leaves and I was left with dad. One reason I respect him so much is that he shouldered two burdens, not one. My father has fought battles. This guy, you hear me calling him ‘my boy’ because we call each other bro. This guy has fought battles. God might not have given him everything, but he gave him patience, resilience and a tough heart.”

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