Most women would not trust their husbands with their salaries (Poll)

The topic of finances is one of the most important (if not the most important) in a marriage. This and s3x are probably the biggest reasons couples have issues in their marriages.

Maina Kageni and Kingangi last week spoke about the issue of finances exhaustively but it still remains controversial especially in the era of equal rights and feminism.

We conducted a poll on the Classic105 Facebook and Twitter page to find out from women, whether they could trust their husbands with their salaries, with the results being very interesting.

The Twitter poll was split right down the middle but the facebook page returned a result that showed that most women could not trust their men with their salaries.

Screenshot of the poll results
Screenshot of the poll results
Screenshot of the poll results
Screenshot of the poll results

Some of the responses to the poll are below;

Roselyne Mbugua: My papa only
Winny Carter: Not married so I wouldn’t know.
Bosibori Naomy: Which salary? If he trusts me with his salary why not.
Esther Wa Jeff: No
Roader Cliff: Neffa
Liz Derrick: Yeah
Mercy Kim: Yes
Mercy Luvai: No
Milka Muteo: No
Jaque Rupee: Yes ohh
Stella Juliet: No

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