Betty Kyallo with Alinur Mohamed

Betty Kyallo and Alinur Mohamed re-ignite relationship rumours with cosy conversation

Betty Kyallo is one of the few celebrities online who not only has a large following online but also seems to be able to ignore the constant trolling that happens from fans.

The mother of one has been in the news this year after she quit her K24 job and shortly afterward relaunched her posh salon.

Betty Kyallo smiling
Betty Kyallo smiling

The salon seems to be doing well and Betty normally reveals some of the personages that pass through as clients at the high-end boutique.

One of those people is politician Alinur Mohamed. The two have been spotted a couple of times these past few months hanging out together, something that normally elicits a lot of reactions from fans.

Alinur Mohamed with Betty Kyallo
Alinur Mohamed with Betty Kyallo

Why? When Ken Mijungu famously revealed earlier this year that Betty was secretly dating a Muslim man, Alinur was the man people thought fit the bill.

I want a chunky and divorced man – Betty Kyallo discloses ideal husband

The two promptly denied the links and people swiftly moved on to speculate about who the man could be? But it seems that both Betty and Alinur love courting and stirring controversy.

Alinur Mohamed with Betty Kyallo
Alinur Mohamed with Betty Kyallo

The two left tongues wagging this week after the banter that they exchanged on Betty’s Instagram page. The curvy journalist and her sisters had taken a vacation to Malindi, with Betty posting some of the pictures on her Instagram page.

Her caption for one of the pictures read, “Today was a good day ✅.” And Alinur was ready with his trigger fingers responding to the message with one word, “Fam”

Betty Kyallo screenshot
Betty Kyallo screenshot

And Betty wasn’t playing around as she affirmed his earlier statement saying, “…mos Definitely.”

Their back and forth was enough to start the rumour mills going with fans saying as much;

ricmukorah that lucky guy take care of her man…😍😍😍

_boit.vs.theworld@bettymuteikyallo tena 😂😂

While this might seem like flirting, I think the two are just good friends who know how to engage fans and thus create publicity for themselves.

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